Noel Quinn, HSBC

Noel Quinn was appointed Chief Executive, Global Commercial Banking, in December 2015. He became a Group Managing Director in September 2016. Based in London, Mr Quinn is responsible for HSBC’s relationships with about 2 million small, medium and large business customers in Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, North America and Latin America. From 2011 to 2015 he was the Regional Head of Commercial Banking for Asia-Pacific, based in Hong Kong. Mr Quinn joined Forward Trust Group, a subsidiary of Midland Bank, in 1987. He led HSBC’s acquisitions of Swan National Motor Finance and Eversholt Leasing Ltd, becoming General Manager of each business in turn. He has since taken up postings including Head of Specialised and Equity Finance at HSBC, Group Director of Strategy & Development at HSBC Insurance Services North America, Head of Commercial Finance Europe and Head of Commercial Banking UK (2008-2011). Noel QUIN先生是汇丰集团常务总监。 QUINN先生于2015年12月被任命为全球商业银行业务首席执行官,并在2016年9月成为集团董事总经理。他在伦敦负责处理汇丰银行与亚太、欧洲、中东和北非、北美和拉丁美洲约200万家大中小型企业客户的关系。 QUINN先生于1987年加入米德兰银行的子公司前信托集团。他领导汇丰银行收购了天鹅国家汽车财务和Eversholt 租赁有限公司,先后成为该企业的总经理。之后,他在汇丰银行担任专业化和股权融资负责人,北美汇丰保险服务集团战略与发展总监,欧洲商业金融主管和英国商业银行业务负责人。2011年至2015年间任职香港亚太区商业银行业务的区域主管。