Jean Fooks

Lord Mayor of Oxford Jean Fooks studied physics at Somerville College of Oxford University in 1958-1961 and went on to work at the then Radio and Space Research station in Slough and at the European Space Data Centre in Darmstadt, Germany. Jean moved to Oxfordshire in 1982 to work in health service research, doing data analysis on mental and physical health records, leukaemia and in her last job on problems faced by premature babies. She has been a city councillor since 1992 and a county councillor between 2001 and 2017, representing wards in North Oxford. She has always been interested in traffic problems and as a county councillor in services for children in care. She has been a school governor since 1992 and involved with both the Cutteslowe Community Association and the Wolvercote Young People’s Club. She has been a member of the County Council Pension Fund Committee off and on over many years and is a strong advocate of the importance of corporate governance and ethical and environmental issues being addressed. Ever since her election to the City Council, Jean has been taking part in the city’s twinning link with Bonn in Germany. She looks forward to welcoming people from all of Oxford’s twinning partners during her year in office. Jean FOOKS 女士现任牛津市市长。 FOOKS女士于1958到1961年在牛津大学萨默维尔学院学习物理学,毕业后在斯劳的无线电和空间研究站,以及德国达姆施塔特的欧洲空间数据中心工作。她于1982年移居牛津从事卫生服务研究,对精神和身体健康记录、白血病、早产儿所面临的问题等进行数据分析。 FOOKS女士自1992年以来一直担任市议员,并于2001年至2017年兼任代理北牛津的郡议会议员。她对交通问题和儿童照顾服务感兴趣,长期任职校长,并参与当地社区协会和青年俱乐部活动。多年来,她同时是县议会养老基金委员会的成员,倡导企业管治、伦理、环境问题的重要性。自从她当选市议员以来,FOOKS女士不断促进牛津市与德国波恩的联系。她期待着在任职期间欢迎所有来到牛津的合作交流伙伴。