Jianhua LIN 林建华教授

Professor LIN taught at Peking University since 1986, he became a professor at the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering at Peking University (CCME) in 1995. In 1997 he became the Deputy Dean of the College of the CCME. He became a Vice-President of Peking University in 2002, and Executive Vice-President of Peking University in 2004. He was President of Chongqing University from December 2010 to June 2013, and President of Zhejiang University between June 2013 to February 2015. After that He was transferred to Beijing and appointed the President of Peking University. Professor Lin also serves the vice chairman of Science Council of the Ministry of Education and a Delegate of the 12th Congress of Peole in China. Professor LIN’s research interests cover a wide range of areas in solid chemistry, with more focus on new metal borates with novel structure type, and synthesis, structure and properties of transition metal oxides. He has published over 140 journal articles on the related subjects. In addition to teaching and mentoring scores of students, Professor LIN was also awarded the 2nd Prize for Science and Technology Excellence by the Ministry of Education in 1995, and a recipient of National Outstanding Youth Foundation in 1997. He won the 1st Prize for State-level Teaching Excellence in 2009. 林建华教授现任北京大学校长、教育部科学技术委员会副主任、第十二届全国人大代表。 林教授从1986年12月起在北京大学任教,1995年任教授;1998年至2002年任北京大学化学学院院长,2001年任校长助理,2002年任教务长;2002年至2004年任北京大学副校长兼教务长;2004年至2010年任北京大学常务副校长兼教务长;2010年12月至2013年6月任重庆大学校长。2013年6月任浙江大学校长。2015年2月任北京大学校长。 林教授的主要研究领域为固体化学,涉及新型无机固体化合物的合成、结构和性质。近年来,主要从事过渡金属复合氧化物、新型微孔硼酸盐、稀土-过渡金属金属间化合物的合成、结构、物理和化学性质方面的研究。承担过或正在承担着国家基金委面上项目、重点项目、杰出青年基金项目、国家重大基础研究规划项目和863项目等研究工作,发表学术论文140余篇。1995年获国家教委科学技术二等奖,1997年获国家杰出青年基金资助,2009年获国家级教学成果一等奖。