Minister Mark Field, MP

Minister Mark Field is the Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific at Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the UK Government, and MP for the Cities of London and Westminster. Mark was first elected as the MP for the Cities of London and Westminster constituency in 2001. Mark takes a special interest in economic matters, foreign trade and international development. In the last Parliament Mark was the Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Venture Capital and Private Equity. In September 2010 Mark was appointed by the Prime Minister to the prestigious Intelligence and Security Committee. He was the youngest MP serving on the Committee which oversees and scrutinises the work of Britain’s intelligence services. Following the 2015 General Election, Mark was asked by the Prime Minister to become Vice Chairman (International) of the Conservative Party, and built alliances with centre-right sister parties abroad to promote good governance in developing nations. After retaining his seat for the fourth time at the 2017 General Election, Mark was appointed as Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by the Prime Minister. Mark FIELD 是伦敦及西敏市选区议员。他在2001年首次当选,迄今已有四次以比往年上升的选举份额取得代表席位。 Mark FIELD先生的擅长领域是经济事务、对外贸易和国际发展。 他是上一次议会中风险投资和私募股权全党议会小组主席。 2010年9月,他被英国总理任命为安全委员会成员,成为委员会中最年轻的国会议员,负责监督和审查英国情报部门的工作。继2015年大选之后,他受总理邀请任职保守党副主席(国际),并与海外中右派姐妹党派建立联盟,致力促进发展中国家的有效管理。 在2017年大选中第四次保留其席位后,Mark FIELD先生被总理任命为英国外交和联邦事务部亚太司司长。