Minister Sam Gyimah

Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation Sam Gyimah went to Somerville College at the University of Oxford, where he read Politics, Philosophy and Economics, and was elected President of the Oxford Union. On graduation, he joined Goldman Sachs as an investment banker. After 5 years service to the company, he then went on to help build and develop a number of small businesses in the training, recruitment and internet sectors. He was selected as the prospective parliamentary candidate for East Surrey and elected at the 2010 general election. Mr Gyimah became a member of the International Development Select Committee in 2011. In the same year, Mr Gyimah produced a report with the think-tank NESTA, 'Beyond the Banks: the case for a British Industry and Enterprise Bond', in support of non-bank alternatives for businesses seeking finance. He was the first member of parliament to call for credit-easing as a means of accelerating Britain's economic recovery. In 2012, Mr Gyimah was appointed as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to the Prime, then became a Government Whip in October 2013. From 2014, Mr Gyimah took roles of Parliamentary Secretary at the Cabinet Office, Parliamentary Under Secretary at Department for Education and Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Justice. Mr Gyimah was appointed as a joint Minister for Higher Education at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Department for Education on 9 January 2018. He was elected the Conservative MP for East Surrey in 2010. Sam Gyimah 英国教育部与工商能源部联席高等教育政务大臣(副部长) Sam Gyimah曾就读于牛津大学萨默维尔学院,学习政治、哲学和经济学科,并被选举为牛津联合会主席。毕业后,Gyimah先生进入高盛集团,成为一名投资银行家。在为公司服务5年后,他离开高盛,继而帮助小型企业进行培训,招聘以及发展互联网领域业务。 2011年,Gyimah先生被选举为东萨里议员并成为国际发展委员会的成员。 同年,Gyimah先生向智囊团提交了一份关于英国产业和企业债券的报告。他提出为寻求融资的企业提供非银行替代方案。他是议会中第一位呼吁将信贷宽松作为加速英国经济复苏的手段的议员。2012年,Gyimah先生被任命为总理的议会私人秘书(PPS),然后于2013年10月成为政府党鞭。自2014年起,Gyimah先生担任内阁府议会秘书,议会副秘书长职位, 司法部的国务院副国务卿。 2018年1月9日,Gyimah先生被任命为商业,能源和工业战略部和教育部的高等教育部部长。他于2010年当选为东萨里的保守党议员。