Professor Jinhua Dai (戴锦华)

Prof Dai is a Professor in the Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture at Peking University, a Chinese feminist cultural critic, and is one of the founding members of the Global University for Sustainability. Her research interests include popular culture, film studies, and gender studies. She was born in 1959, Beijing and educated in the Department of Chinese Literature, Peking University. She taught at the Beijing Film Academy before assuming professorship at the Institute of Comparative Literature and Culture and directorship of the Center for Film and Cultural Studies at Peking University. She has long been engaged in the New Rural Reconstruction Movement and the Green movement. She is the author of more than ten scholarly monographs. Her works have been translated into English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean. Her literary, film and TV commentary have addressed an expanding audience in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong over the last decades. 戴锦华教授是北京大学中文系比较文学研究所教授,中国女权主义文化批评家,也是全球可持续发展大学的创始成员之一。她的研究兴趣包括大众文化研究,电影研究和性别研究。 戴教授就读于北京大学中文系,曾在北京电影学院电影文学系任教,之后在北京大学比较文学与比较文化研究所担任教授职务,兼任北京大学电影与文化研究中心主任。她长期从事新农村建设运动和环保运动。她拥有十多篇学术专著,其作品被翻译成英文、法文、德文、意大利文、西班牙文、日文和韩文。她的文学、电影和电视评论在亚洲地区拥有不断增多的听众。