Professor Chengdan Qian (钱乘旦

Professor Qian Chengdan is Professor of Department of History at Peking University, and Dean of the Academy of World History and a member of the State Council Academic Degree Commission History Team. Professor Qian was a professor of the Nanjing University Department of History, the library Curator of Nanjing University, Chair of the Nanjing University Center for Culture and Arts Education and Director of Nanjing University’s Center for European History Studies. In 2002, Professor Qian received the Wu Yuzhang Award. In 2008 he was decorated with the National Library’s Wenjin Book Award. Professor Qian’s academic interests concentrate on modernization, modern world history and British history. He has published various books, including “The Cambridge Introduction to Art” “Viewing the World from Another Perspective: Modernization and Modern World History Systematic Research” “Great Britain: From Global Hegemon to A Return to Europe” “Enemies on the Same Bed: China-US Relations from 1989 to 1999” “History of England” among many others. Professor Qian has published in more than 100 academic journals both in China and internationally. Prof Qian’s publications include ‘the Art History of Cambridge’《剑桥艺术史》(新译本1-8卷,译著), ‘ From a different aspect to view history: modernization and modern history of science in the world’ 《换个角度看历史––现代化与世界近现代史学科体系研究》(主编,与王宇博), the academic advisor for the 12 series of TV documentary on ‘the rise of influential countries in the world’ ‘十二集电视纪录片《大国崛起》学术指导,’the UK: Return from the dominance of the world to Europe’ 《英国:从称霸世界到回归欧洲》(学术指导), ‘research on modern capitalism’主编:“当代资本主义专题研究丛书”, ‘have different dreams in the same bed: Sino-US Relationship in 1989-1999’ 《同床异梦––1989-1999年的美中关系》,and ‘General History of the UK’(校译);《英国通史》. 钱乘旦教授是北京大学历史系教授、世界历史学院院长、国务院学位委员会历史学科组成员。 他曾任南京大学历史系教授、南京大学图书馆馆长、南京大学文化艺术教育中心主任、南京大学欧洲研究中心主任。 2002年获吴玉章奖, 2008年获国家图书馆文津图书奖。 钱教授的学术兴趣集中在世界现代化进程和英国史。他的主要著作有《剑桥艺术史》(新译本1-8卷,译著),《换个角度看历史––现代化与世界近现代史学科体系研究》(主编,与王宇博),十二集电视纪录片《大国崛起》(学术指导),《英国:从称霸世界到回归欧洲》(学术指导),《英国:从称霸世界到回归欧洲》(学术指导),《当代资本主义专题研究丛书》(主编), 《同床异梦––1989-1999年的美中关系》(校译),《英国通史》。