Stephen KING

Stephen King is HSBC’s Group Chief Economist. He is directly responsible for HSBC’s global economic coverage and co-ordinates the research of HSBC economists all over the world. Stephen’s latest book, When the Money Runs Out, was published by Yale University Press in May 2013 and was later selected as a “book of the year” by the Financial Times, the Economist and the Times. His first book, Losing Control, was published by Yale in 2010. Widely praised, the book examines the impact of the emerging nations on western economic prosperity. Stephen has written on a wide variety of economic topics: recent examples include “The Southern Silk Road”, a study of new “south-south” economic connections, and ”How to solve the eurozone’s problems”. In 2012, Stephen became a member of the Financial Times “A List”, which, in the FT’s words, “provides timely, insightful comment from globally renowned leaders, policymakers and commentators”. He writes regularly for the main comment pages in major newspapers worldwide. During the preceding ten years, he wrote a weekly column for the Independent. Stephen appears regularly on both television and radio. Stephen is a member of the UK Government’s Asia Task Force. He has given written and oral evidence on the economic effects of globalization and on monetary policy to the House of Commons Treasury Committee and the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. Between 2007 and 2009, he was a member of the European Central Bank Shadow Council. Stephen’s career began at H.M.Treasury, where he was an economic adviser within the civil service. Stephen King是汇丰集团的首席经济学家,直接负责汇丰银行的全球经济报道,并协调全球汇丰银行经济学家进行研究。 他的最新著作《当金钱枯竭:西方富裕时代的终结》于2013年由耶鲁大学出版社出版,随后被英国《金融时报》,《经济学人》和《泰晤士报》评选为“年度新书”。2010年的首部著作《失控》考察了新兴国家对西方经济繁荣的影响,被广泛称誉。 2012年起,King成为金融时报”A-List”栏目成员,定期为全球主要报纸的撰写评论。在过去的十年里,他为英国独立报发表每周专栏,并经常在电视和电台上出现。 King的职业生涯始于国库部担任经济顾问,2007年至2009年是欧洲中央银行理事会成员。现任英国政府亚洲工作组成员,就全球化的经济影响、上议院财政委员会和上议院经济事务委员会的货币政策等问题提供建议。